New York, July 24, 2018 - The Big Apple has been the greatest source of inspiration for Annalisa Conti through the years: the city’s energy and its stunning beauty keep nourishing her passion for writing. Her third novel, NINE, has been published and it is now available across all major retailers.

Everything is perfectly organized in Amber’s life: her days at work, in the offices of a prestigious magazine in New York; her time with her beloved husband Mike, and their adventurous vacations around the world.

When Amber finds out she is pregnant, her immediate reaction is sheer denial: this can’t be true. She always knew she would want children one day, but now it feels so sudden, so unexpected. She tries to play for time, but Mike’s reaction to the news, with pure delight and anticipation, is the exact opposite. Wasn’t he happy before? Was it all a lie?

The news of the pregnancy propagates like circular water waves, from close family to friends, to colleagues, to acquaintances. At each circle, Amber further detaches from the new role society is imposing on her, and she refuses to comply with the expectation of full submission to the child. At each circle, new voices join the choir of enthusiast celebrations, obstructing Amber’s restless attempts to keep control on her life, to remain who she is without losing herself, her husband, or her job.

Reviewers of NINE say it is a “remarkably candid” and “eye-opening take on the demons and fears of pregnancy”, a powerful answer to “what we think it means to be a woman today”.

Annalisa Conti builds another very intimate quest to explore the truth about people: her first novel, ALL THE PEOPLE, was an inner research, a journey to decode a woman’s mind; her second novel, AFRICA, placed its main character in close contact with a completely different environment, forcing the protagonist to look deeper inside her soul and face that diversity. Now NINE explores the role of women in today’s society, the meaning of modern motherhood and how it impacts the relationship between a woman and her companion, her workplace, her friends, her family.

Nine will be available from July 24, in the following formats and marketplaces: Hardcover (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram), Paperback (Amazon, Barnes & Noble), ebook (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, iBooks, Kobo), audiobook (Amazon, Audible - coming soon)

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