AEC Publishing LLC is an independent publisher focused on women’s fiction and social themes, founded in New York in 2015.

Why Women’s Fiction?

In fiction, "women's fiction" is a clearly identified genre, and it includes basically anything that would be classified as "fiction", had it been written by a man. This is not a joke, but a quote from a wonderful panel of women's fiction writers (there is clearly no escape) at the 2016 Writer's Digest Conference in New York.

Our women are modern people, who face the challenges in their lives at the best of their own possibilities. They are real human beings with their personalities and complexities, their wills and objectives. Our women often are heroes, sometimes even superheroes, and on occasions they can become the villain of their own stories.

Why Superheroes?

Superheroes come in all sizes. Some of them are incredibly smart, some of them are incredibly strong, some of them are gods or aliens, but they all have something in common: they show us the extent of human possibilities, with a few fantastic enhancements.

What was missing until W?

Let's talk about superheroes who happen to be female - they all look the same: they are strong and smart, most of the times, and they are always beautiful and sexy. Why don't male superheroes need to be gorgeous human / alien / godly beings? Why don't they need to be sexy, while female superheroes always must be? Look at Wonder Woman, a gorgeous sexualized femme fatale when she is in civilian clothes, a half-naked fighter when she grabs her weapons. Why does her armor leave her half-naked? Why does she have to show her body?

There are no reasons why, only the fact that a female superhero is always a female first, and only then a superhero. That's why she needs to comply with a certain canon of femininity, sexiness, seductive charm, and obviously beauty.

W is the answer to all these questions. Not a female superhero, just a superhero. Why should gender matter if you can save the world?